M I R L E F T 

M i r l e f t   V i l l a g e 

Only 120 km south of Agadir international airport, Mirleft is a hidden treasure of southern Morocco.

A preserved berber village well known by lovers of nature and tranquility . 

O c e a n  S i d e

Just like its landscapes, Mirleft surprises us with its singular and authentic personality. 

The wild coast offers a contrast between ochers cliffs interspersed by coves with pristine beaches  and their empty waves. 

The coastline around Mirleft offers a wide range of waves from point breaks to beach breaks.

The advantage of such a ray of options is that there will always be a wave to surf. 

The Anti-Atlas mountains meeting the Ocean right here only in Mirleft created an amazing variety of bays and secret beaches for as many possibilities of surfing style and levels. 

Our coast is exposed to swells, offering a solid surf for advanced riders and smaller and easier waves on lower swells.

A n t i - A t l a s  M o u n t a i n s

More inland of Mirleft stands the hills and valleys of the Anti-atlas mountain chain. 

Scattered with small berber villages where time seems to have stopped. 


O a s i s

Few kilometers south of Mirleft, hides a luxurious Oasis 

Like a mirage in the middle of a desert, this traditional village entirely built out of raw mud has kept his tranquility and authenticity

2 days / 1 night

We offer a two days and one night excursion trip to discover this secret Oasis and meet its inhabitants who managed to perpetuate a centenary old ecological and nomadic lifestyle. 

Sunset and Sunrise Yoga will be held under the palm trees. 

Villa AMAN 

Mirleft, Morocco.

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